Rules & Regulations

Entry Fees

Please call or email us for a list of fees. This information will be shared with studio owners/faculty only and is not posted anywhere. All fees must be paid by studio checks, credit cards, or cashiers checks. Entry fees are due on the registration deadline posted on event page. Any payments or entries added after registration deadline will be subject to a late fee (see below). All fees are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS. There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks.

Independent Entries

We do accept independent entries, please call for entry fees for independent entries. Fees are different for independent entries vs. studios.

Early Bird/Special Discounts

Ask about the different discounts we offer! To be eligible for discounts you must have entries and fees in by the designated due date. If you do not have all entries and fees paid by date given, no discount will be given. For all “Special Discounts”, a minimum of $1,000 in entry fees before discount must be met. If entry fees do not reach $1,000 before “Special Discount”, you will not be eligible for said discount. Please email or call us to hear about what discounts we offer!

Change & Late Entry Fees

Any entries or payment made after the registration deadline will incur an additional 5% penalty fee. Mailed in payments must be postmarked by registration deadline to avoid said late fees. Any changes made to existing entries within 14 days of event date will be subject to a $10 change fee per change. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE ON COMPETITION DAY. Please check over your schedules very closely prior to the event and notify our staff immediately of any changes. No entries will be accepted at the registration.

Age Divisions

Petite: 9 years and under

Junior: 10-12 years old

Teen: 13-15 years old

Senior: 16-19 years old

Adult: 20 years old and up

The age division for all routines is determined by the average age of the performers as of January 1st, 2019. The average age determines the age range into which you may enter. For dances with two or more dancers, add the ages of all the contestants, and then divide by the number of contestants. Drop the decimal point when averaging the ages, i.e., an age average of 12.5 would compete in the 12 year old division.

Duet/Trios or Groups will compete no more than two age divisions younger than the oldest dancer, regardless of average age. For example: if a group includes a dancer age 17 (senior division) and the average age is 9 (petite division), the group will compete one level above petite, at the junior division.

Any dancer taking the stage before/during/at the end of a routine must be a registered dancer to the routine, regardless of the amount of time the dancer is present on stage.

Performance Divisions

Recreational: This division is for a dancer who takes a maximum of 1 hour of dance per week. It is for the novice/beginner dancer who has not attended many, if any, competitions. It is designed to let the novice dancers get the feel for competition, stage performances, judges, audiences, etc., and will be adjudicated, as well as receive additional high score awards within their division. It is NOT mandatory that beginner students enter at this level.

Novice: This division is similar to the Recreational division and is for a dancer who takes a maximum of 3 hours of dance per week. It is for the novice/beginner dancer who has not attended many, if any, competitions. It is also designed to let the novice dancers get the feel for competition, stage performances, judges, audiences, etc., and will be adjudicated, as well as receive additional high score awards within their division. It is NOT mandatory that beginner students enter at this level.

Intermediate: Dancers that study between 4-7 hours of class per week and have some competition experience. Those with none to limited competition experience should consider the Novice Division. This division will be adjudicated as well as receive additional high score awards within their division.

Performance: Dancers who take more than 8 or more hours of class per week and have significant competition experience should be considered for this division. The Performance Division is open to all performers and will be adjudicated, as well as receive additional high score awards within their division.

Pro-Am Division: The pro-am level will encompass at least one professional dancer/teacher 20 years or older, dancing with/without students. In the spirit of fairness, this level will not be considered for overall high score awards. Any routine with a performer 20 years or older will compete in the Adult Category. Adult division may include Teachers, Professionals, Parents, etc.

NOTE: A Duet/Trio or Group Routine must consist of 50% dancers that qualify for the Performance Level entered. Mission Possible Dance Competition cannot possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced. Teachers are left to their own sound judgment when entering routines. Routines that are obviously under-placed may be elevated by the judges. All decisions are Final.

Performance Categories

All acts must be dominant to the category.


Routine must consist of ballet technique. Must include classical steps and movements. No pointe shoes allowed.


Routine must consist of pointe technique.


Routine must contain tap technique and primarily tap work. No pre-recorded tap sounds allowed on music.

Clogging/Irish Step

A routine incorporating clogging technique and/or Irish step dancing.


Routine must consist of primarily jazz technique.


Routine combining the techniques of Jazz, Ballet, and Modern, utilizing the lyrics or mood of the song.


A routine consisting of modern contemporary movement.


Routine should utilize contemporary style to show extension and balance, can combine lyrical, ballet, and modern, going beyond the standard jazz vocabulary.


Routine consisting primarily of Hip Hop Technique. Break dancing, street funk, and pop & lock are also included in this category. The music must not contain inappropriate lyrics.

Character/Musical Theater

Broadway/Theater dance styles using songs from “Broadway”, “Off Broadway”, or movie/television musicals. (Pantomime may/may not be used)

Acro Dance

A routine using controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chest rolls, etc. Can contain gymnastic passes. Can contain flexibility moves or contortionist moves. Must contain dance moves, steps, and choreography.

Pom/Drill Team

A routine consisting of cheerleading or dance team technique. Sharp clean movements including kicks, jumps, and formation changes with the use of poms.


A style of dance in the religious theme, which may incorporate any of the above styles of dance.


A routine that uses any ethnic style of dance (African, Hawaiian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Flamenco, and Tahitian) and is specific to the region.


Any of our listed categories, combinations of listed category styles, or any style of dance not previously listed.

Additional Rules for Performance:

-All routines, music, choreography, and costumes must be suitable for family viewing and listening. Failure to comply with this rule may result in point deductions or entry disqualification. We take this very seriously.

Entry Divisions

Category # of dancers Time Limits

Solo 1 2:45 minutes

Duet/Trio 2-3 3:00 minutes

Small Group 4-9 3:00 minutes

Large Group 10-18 4:00 minutes

Line 19 or more 5:00 minutes

Production 19 or more 8:00 minutes


CDs and USBs are accepted. We do NOT accept iPhones and iPods. Music must be turned in at least 1 hour prior to performance. Please include NAME OF ROUTINE (if only one song), NUMBERED LIST WITH ROUTINE NAMES (if multiple songs), and STUDIO NAME/OR ASSIGNED NUMBER.



Contestants may submit a recent 5×7 or 8×10 photograph to be judged for the Photogenic Award in the 12 and under age division, and in the 13 and over age division. Please write name, age, and assigned studio number on the back of the photo. Each entry is allowed a maximum of three photos with an entry fee of $25 per photo. All photos should be submitted at the Registration Table at the beginning of the competition. The winner’s photos may not be returned as we may use them for Mission Possible Dance Competition marketing and promotional use. By submitting a photo(s) for the photogenic contest, you are consenting to your photos being used for our promotional marketing.This includes, but is not limited to, postcards, flyers and website advertisements! Mission Possible Dance Competition is not responsible for lost photographs, or damages to any photograph submitted. You may enter the Photogenic Award contest on the day of the competition.

Special Judge’s Awards

Judges may choose and present one or multiple awards as they see fit. Judge’s awards vary by competition.

Performance Award

An award will be presented by the judges to one entry based on outstanding performance at each competition.

Choreography Award

This award will be presented by the judges to one entry based on outstanding choreography at each competition.

Technique Award

This award will be presented by the judges to one entry based on outstanding technique at each competition.

MPDC Studio of Excellence Award/Backstage Award

This award will be selected by our Mission Possible team and will be presented to the studio that displays the most spirit, as well as overall good sportsmanship backstage during the competition.

Each entry in the Recreational, Novice, Intermediate and Performance Divisions will be judged from a 100 point system from 3 judges, totaling 300 points. Technique is 20 points, Performance is 35 points, Choreography/Musicality is 35 points and Overall Appearance is 10 points. Each entry will receive a ranking of Platinum, High Gold, and Gold, based on their score. The Adjudication breakdown is as follows:

           Recreational                             Novice                              Intermediate Division                       Performance Division

       Platinum 300-290                 Platinum 300-288                      Platinum 300-285                            Platinum 300-280

      High Gold 289-275                High Gold 287-273                     High Gold 284-270                           High Gold 279-258

              Gold 275-0                            Gold 272-0                                 Gold 269-0                                        Gold 257-0

All routines performed at a regional competition are welcomed at the Nationals!


-General props are permitted. No dangerous props (swords, fire, etc.). No live animals.

-Prop height should not exceed 10 feet (due to ceiling height restrictions in some locations). Please contact us beforehand to ensure your prop will be of appropriate size to ensure its use!

-Prop set-up time should take less than 30 seconds. If you have a prop that takes longer than 30 seconds to set, please make a note of it on your entry form or contact us ahead of time so that we can make special arrangements. For example: putting the entry right after a judge’s break, awards ceremony, or putting in on at the start of competition to allow extra time to set the prop.

Photography & Video

Photography and video are permitted however we just ask that no flash is used out of respect for our dancers. Professional photography may be on site but is dependent upon location, etc. By participating in Mission Possible Dance Competition you are consenting to your competition photos and videos being used for promotional purposes.

Additional Rules

· It is agreed upon entering any Mission Possible Dance Competition that participants, including students, parents, teachers, and other spectators, will not hold Mission Possible or its owner, directors, employees, or host facilities liable for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted by them, or loss of property while in attendance and/or participating in any activity of a Mission Possible event.

· Mission Possible does not assume responsibility for forgotten CDs, photographs, awards, or other items.

· Results of a competition are final. Judges break all ties. No teacher, student, or parent will question a judge.

·Mission Possible has a tendency to run ahead of schedule and will not hold a competition due to a dancer not being present. We recommend arriving TWO hours prior to performance time to avoid missing a routine.

· Mission Possible reserves the right to deduct points from or disqualify any entry or participant that does not adhere to the rules and regulations.

Please read carefully and follow these guidelines to ensure a pleasant and fun competition for all dancers, parents, teachers, and spectators. Failure to do so will result in point deductions and possible disqualification.

Yours in Dance,

Mission Possible Dance Competition Staff